Friday, July 31, 2009

Body Count

I recently saw an article reporting that the body-count of insurgents and combatants killed in Afghanistan is not published. The body-count of U.S. soldiers killed in action is also not published; even after admitting that the death toll has spiked. As a military strategy, I believe that is a very sound policy because if the number of our own killed and injured is blasted across the world stage, it might lower morale at home and lift up the enemies' morale.

And if only one of the enemy, who might have teetered on the edge of giving up, gains renewed impetus and kills a U.S. marine, that blood rests on those who sought a story above life in a time of war. Look it up, it has a specific definition.

Remember how the media with great fanfare tracked the flag-draped caskets coming home when George Bush was president? Remember how they kept a daily tally of deaths, U.S. and Iraq, despite numerous calls not to further endanger the troops?

Has the media, who so eagerly trumpeted the casualties before, suddenly became conscious of the risks such irresponsible behavior poses, or sensitive to the occupier of the White House? You know, the one who said that he doesn't like the word "victory" for it reminds him of Japan's surrender? Remember that?

Why aren't conservatives now causing a ruckus and count the dead as the liberals did during the Iraq war just to even the score? Conservatives are eerily silent on the matter, don't you think? I wonder why?

Is it perhaps because they believe that the lives of our soldiers are more important than the person who pushes his feet under the desk in the Oval Office? Is it perhaps because they desire for the U.S. to win the war regardless who is president or who gets the credit?

Then, why all the noise when Bush was president? Is it perhaps because they believe that conservatives need to be defeated regardless how many American lives it costs? Is it perhaps because they believe that it would be a good idea if the U.S. loses the war while a conservative president can be blamed for it?

Makes one think, doesn't it?

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