Thursday, July 23, 2009

Careful Hillary!

Be very careful, Madam Secretary, very, very careful.

You speak about a security umbrella over the Arab world similar to the umbrella that existed over Europe during the Cold War, right? The Cold War Umbrella rested on one important pillar: mutual destruction. You hit us and we will turn your country into a heap of ash. Period. The Russians knew we were serious, so they behaved. We knew they would retaliate if we tried anything and we behaved, fearing death as much as the Russians did.

That balance/counter-balance does not exist in the middle-east, Hillary. We fear death; actually, we pursue life, to be more exact. The ones you hope would fear death, too, actually shun life and actively pursue death. The destruction of the region is to them the introduction of eternal world peace which can only happen when the world has fallen into chaos and civil war exists between the human races. So, a threat of total destruction is the manifestation of their belief that their prophecies are ready to be fulfilled. Your Umbrella sets the stage to trigger the violation of your promised Umbrella.

Madeleine Albright apologized for believing the North Koreans, which allowed them to become nuclear. How much blood will have to be spilled to fix that oversight? We don't know yet.

Madeleine Albright claimed she didn't get the embassy's letters sent to her warning about the security vulnerability in Kenya and the chatter that an attack was imminent. Actually, Usama Bin Laden said as much in an interview six weeks prior to the attacks. How much more blood will be spilled to fix that ignorance?

Don't fall into the same trap, madam Secretary. Your statement already alludes to a willingness to risk Mahmoud Ahmadinejad fearing death more than being the one who raised the 12th Imam.

There would not be an opportunity to apologize later or claim that you didn't get the letter.

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