Saturday, July 25, 2009


Why am I offended when people say conservatives are "right," politically speaking? Because that implies that there is something nobler to the left of us; that we hold to a position that is ignoble and mutable and that we ought to move to an indefinable, utopian middle ground.

Reality is that conservatives are the only group that is identified by a visible, clearly defined, universally accessible doctrine to which they strive to be obedient - out of their own volition: free to walk away from it if they so choose. That Doctrine is the U.S. Constitution. It's the only doctrine in the history of mankind that, according to empirical evidence, produces universal wealth and liberty. All other models have failed on both counts. And models that started out similar to the U.S. Constitution that changed later to something else also failed on both counts.

This makes conservatives a reflection of the excellence, beauty, and power of the Constitution, image bearers of it, if you will. Calling an offending conservative a hypocrite is a verifiable judgment, which would have been impossible had there not been a clearly defined, universally available doctrine against which to measure the offending image bearer's doctrinal image. Offending conservatives usually repent of the error of their ways and resolve to tighten their obedience striving to be more perfect ministers of universal wealth and liberty. Conservatives are, therefore, subjects of conservatism and criticizing their beliefs is to criticize their Doctrine, not them.

Diverse peoples who bond in the Constitution and the enjoyment of its wealth and liberty, are like people who travel to the same destination from widespread origins: they cannot escape converging closer to one another, becoming united as brothers and sisters in a common Doctrine. They are an afferent people.

Therefore, to suggest that conservatives ought to move to the left, politically speaking, to be more accommodating to others, implies that something about the Constitution is not honorable, which should offend any American.

That is why conservatives don't see blacks or whites or Latinos or poor or rich or women or men, they just see people who share with them the pursuit of the Doctrine, having in them the potential to all be completely free and as wealthy as each one chooses to be.

So, true conservatism is the noblest position and everything at variance with that position is at variance with the Constitution. At variance with America. Ergo, anti-American.

Now consider those to the left of conservatives. Where is their doctrine? To what standard are they obedient? How can one look at their behavior and judge whether they are hypocrites or not? I don't know of any such doctrine. If they are not visibly subjects of the Constitution, how can they be subject to the law that flows from it?

In the absence of the law there are no criminals and tyranny rules. In the absence of a doctrine there are no hypocrites and immorality rules.

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