Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Folks, there is a perception crisis in the health care resolution attempts currently ongoing in Washington. I argue from a position of never underestimating one's opponents. Never. Obama and his gang in the White House are no exception.

Pushing a totally outrageous plan, which was designed specifically to flare anger throughout the country, would prepare everybody for a lesser but still nationalized plan. Already GOP members are leaning to accept a watered-down plan based on the current premise of a single payer, government controlled system. That's not victory, folks, that's to be hoodwinked. Obama is known for his Chicago tactics: annihilate your opponents, don't talk to them. Or, in the Don's vernacular: send them a dead fish.

Advice to GOP talkers in the inner chambers: Overhaul the health care system by free market principles. That should not be negotiable. Don't be hoodwinked -- again.

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