Saturday, July 25, 2009

Light bulbs

We are all aware of the push to switch to compact fluorescent bulbs because they are supposedly 'more efficient' and, get this, safer for the environment.

In spite of the fact that some experts are now stepping forward accusing “energy zealots” of using faulty science to determine the efficiency of light bulbs, there is a far greater danger using compact fluorescent bulbs than incandescent (regular) light bulbs not only to the environment, but to you and me.

Fluorescent light bulbs contain sufficient levels of mercury that, when a fluorescent light bulb should break in your house, a hazmat situation has occurred requiring you to get a clean-up team with the accompanying evacuation, ventilation and paperwork.

Or, you could just dump the sucker into the trash and avoid having your life disrupted because you foolishly believed the rhetoric. At least you would after breaking the second bulb, right? Not making that mistake again.

Guess what? Not a peep from Lisa Jackson, the Environmental Protection Agency administrator, about the fluorescent light bulb threat in her current rulemaking initiatives to combat mercury emissions at coal-fired power plants.

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