Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Old People

As information start leaking out what the new health care bill before congress is all about, the more worrisome one ought to get. Forget for a moment that the Obama administration already borrowed more than one trillion dollars, there is a provision where "guidelines" will be developed to determine "what works best" in terms of treatment.

That is code-speak for determining one's probability of giving the health care system "bang for its buck" in the dollars employed for treatment. Older people will be told, it's your duty to die; your life is behind you and spending any more money on you would rob a younger person of care.

If people were equipment or dispensable, that would make sense. Replace the old with the new. But, we are dealing here with people, people who spent their entire lives in the economic system; people with fears and desires just as younger people have.

Take my mother, for instance. At around age 86 she broke her leg just above the ankle, twisting to get out of bed and into her wheelchair. It was a clean break and five years since the break it hasn't healed yet rendering her bedridden and totally dependent on constant care. At that stage, Obama's plan would, according to these "guidelines," have dictated that her care be stopped, giving her "pain pills" until the end.

Instead, out of our own free will without reference to any government guidelines, we upped her care, not to prolong her suffering having to deal with a body that is so frail that it is a substantial risk taking her to the care-facility's hair salon for her weekly spruce-up, but because we love her. We saw the fear in her eyes having to leave her familiar surroundings, pet, and other comforts she enjoyed in my brother's house, and be committed to a full-time care facility with only a room with partial privacy. She soon realized that she wouldn't be able to return to her "home" and quickly comforted us that she has resigned herself to the circumstances, thanking the Lord for His providence.

She quickly mastered the computer (having never before touched a computer) we gave her and it wasn't too long before she Skyped her family, friends, kids, and grandkids living around the globe. It's a treat to receive a daily letter from her and the often video-chat has become the most precious moments for us all. We appreciate her zeal when we realize that her type-rate is more than one second per character, typing up letters for many people every day.

Obama's guidelines would have robbed us of these precious moments with her because allowing us to provide for the person who gave us life, character and direction in life would have been against the "guidelines."

That there are people in this country that are even considering this bill, is shameful. If they vote for this bill without reading it, it is criminal.


  1. If we look at how unborn babies are treated, should this be any surprise?

  2. No surprise at all, Claudia. No surprise. They first deny that the Constitution is a real blue-print for universal wealth and liberty and then enslave the people by force and threat of imprisonment.

    Good point.



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