Monday, August 3, 2009

Feeding the Bears

People giving animals food have a devastating effect on both the animals and the people, experts say. Why would people continue to give animals food, knowing the damage caused by that? It boggles the mind.

Animals are not stupid in the food-sense. They work hard for their food and if people go and act all feel-good by giving them food, they still consider that a successful hunt. Easier than the previous ones, for sure, but still a hunt. Animals don’t see the benevolence in people who hand them food; they see only a new and easier source of food.

What do animals do when their food supply runs out? Their demeanor becomes more aggressive to prepare them to be more alert for the next opportunity to get food. Some migrate, others fail. It depends on the animal.

Once they view people as an easy source of food, they will return to people for more. If food is not forthcoming they become violent and will kill, even their own, to receive again that which they received in the past.

There can be no good reason why people should give wild animals food, except in emergencies provided the measures to deal with the emergency do not interfere with the animals’ ability to find food without people giving it to them. Animals also participate in the larger economy of nature causing others to benefit from their presence, doing what they were supposed to do. Receiving food from people causes them to unlearn their ability to fend for themselves and their offspring, disrupting the balance of nature and robbing them of their duty to teach their offspring how to survive, except to look to people for their survival. They have become enslaved to people, much like a domesticated pet, who couldn’t survive in the wild and would perpetually be dependent upon people, teaching their young to do the same.

Eventually they will turn up trash cans, destroy houses and participate in criminal activity quite contrary to their nature, all to survive.

Are these animals, who became accustomed to see people as their provider, lost to their species and nature? Pretty much. Unless people keep them alive and continue to provide for them, they will not survive in their natural state. Can they relearn to hunt? Yes, but I am afraid that they will not survive as long as they expect to receive food whenever they show up.

Now, do me a favor. Replace “food” with “money”; “animals” and “wild animals” with “people”, and “people” with “government” in the article above, and read it again.

I rest my case.

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