Saturday, August 15, 2009

Liberal Activism

It is not often that someone’s haughtiness overwhelms him to the extent that he would admit on national television of past misdeeds – criminal, perhaps.

As campaign manager for Walter Mondale’s presidential run in 1984, Bob Beckel (Wikipedia) admitted that he infiltrated town hall meetings with planted liberals to disrupt conservatives’ meetings or to swing the opinion of the meeting. That may be politics as usual for some, but for me it’s loathsome behavior indicative of an amoral character of the highest order. Admitting it with a smirk as if it's something everybody does should be shunned by all Americans, regardless from which quarter of the political arena it comes.

Here is the video clip.

Bob’s admission is clearly not aimed at redeeming his previous behavior; he is trying to cast the legitimate gathering of people to express their anger at their political leaders as a revelation that these people are guilty of equally loathsome tactics.

Bob, not everybody practices what you preach. Moreover, you didn’t follow someone else’s lead in this either, you say. You claim to be the inventor of this underhanded method of intimidating voters and falsely influencing political opinion.

I hope that there is an outcry against you and your cohorts who have demonstrated that you have no real concern for America, her people, her Constitution and laws. Basically, no morals, Bob; at least not what this country could count on.

One thing is certain; no town hall meeting organized by liberals can ever be above suspicion again.

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