Monday, August 10, 2009

NBC wants harm to come to Obama?

Here is a news network, NBC, which shamelessly propagates the lies of Frank Schaeffer about events in our country today and thereby putting our elected officials at risk.

Here is the video clip:

There is a good reason, Frank, why people are angry. Their elected officials are trying to convince them that a bill that they haven’t even cared to read is a good thing. People didn’t elect aides and lawyers as their representatives, Frank. They elected the official in that office. The least elected officials can do is become familiar with the bills they vote on. They get to town hall meetings and give their constituents information that they know is false. Why would they do that, Frank? And why would you perpetuate the fraud, Frank?

What are the people supposed to do in the face of such indignant insults? There is no debate when the professors of the doctrine (of health care) represent a false perspective of the bill. How can there be? Surely, the doctrine must be understood factually before a debate is possible. It appears as if the facts of the bill are better known to the constituents than the elected officials, which kind of took them by surprise. What an insult.

Frank equates the killing of three policemen in Pittsburg, Dr. Tiller, and other assassinations with right-wing conspiracies, or, as he put it, code language for murder. The three policemen in Pittsburg were gunned down by a criminal, Richard Poplawski, Frank. Dr. Tiller was shot by a crazed man who didn’t know squat about Christianity and the fact that he shot Dr. Tiller in a church doesn’t mean he was a Christian, Frank. A person of right-wing conviction he definitely was not. Conservatives respect life and liberty. History teaches us that bigotry and slave ownership is in the play-book of liberals not conservatives and they haven't given up on that even today. So, your integrity is in serious question, Frank.

But, apparently, being angry at people who are supposed to act in the best interests of their constituents is code-speak for Richard Poplawski, Scott Roeder, Lee Harvey Oswald, and others to go out and kill people. Or, as you put it, Frank, the code-speak is like leaving a loaded gun and anyone who picks it up, that’s good for us. You self aggrandizing opportunist.

Here is Rachel Maddow's interview with Frank: Frank Schaeffer

To all my readers I say this: There can be no benefit in the slaying of anyone. It is a crime that cannot be justified; it always creates more problems than it solves and it is forbidden in the Christian doctrine, ergo, God forbids it and to link so-called "right-wing" extremists to Christianity is blantantly dishonest. Inciting violence by inference is also against the law, Frank.

The anger that people display now has everything to do with the fraud that is about to be perpetrated against them. The notion that it’s code-speak for violence against the president is an insidious tactical maneuver that was clearly initiated by the liberal clan propagated by NBC, as can be seen here.

I wonder why they would start such rumors?

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