Friday, October 30, 2009

America and Liberalism

I haven’t written on my blog for just over a month now due to pressures on time that I just couldn’t avoid.

Another debt that will remain unpaid for a little while longer is the final posting on the separation between church and state.

Today, however, I’d like to comment on America’s recent history because no one can deny that we are going through history-altering times as has rarely been seen.

One can hardly deny that the current administration is bent on changing this country into a state that is hardly recognizable as the one born from the Constitution. The president and his team, friends and advisors are on record as stating that it is their goal to materially “transform America.”

This administration has admitted more overtly than any administration at any time in the past what their intended goals are. Previously, all shifts away from the constitution were done stealthily, piece by piece with sleight-of-hand and rhetoric designed to desensitize the voting public to course changes. Up till now.

Many years ago I griped about the integrity of politicians who campaign from the center and as soon as they get elected they govern from the left.

Now, don’t get me wrong; the “left” and “center” references in that sentence remain valid regardless how one switches them around. It just so happens that the shifts were to the left, or should I spell it out: to the liberal side of the spectrum when one turns around and look back at the drift that occured between the language and intent of the Constitution and our present position. It becomes clear that some folks have tampered with our compass and caused us to drift off course as a nation.

If it is only evident today that we have drifted off course, it means previous tampering with the nation’s compass had to be done in backrooms in darkness, miniscule degree by miniscule degree. Today, the professors of “change” climb on their podia, grab their lecterns and shout out instructions how to steer this nation further off the course plotted on its map. There is no more stealth. It is finally in the open: The captain calls for course changes through a bullhorn.

What’s wrong with a change to liberalism? one may ask. Well, let’s look at liberalism and see if we can determine why it’s toxic for any nation to become liberal. Or should I say “progressive” as its proponents chose to repackage it after it lost its hue when people wised up on it. Incidentally, changing its name from liberalism to progressive may buy them a few years, at most, before folks realize it’s the same snake oil in a different wagon. It's that time now.

Liberalism mostly took hold in Western culture in the 17th Century, which recognized the individual’s freedom, especially liberty from monarchies and established religion. The concept of individual liberty was, back then, in its infancy and cultural traditions were heavily contradicting the new ideas, such as the ownership of slaves. The American initiative led to the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the other Founding Documents that recognized all the tenets of 17th century liberalism and even countered slavery. Yet, it took another century and a bloody civil war to get the country to realize that the Constitution meant liberty for ALL people. Not only for some.

With such lofty credentials one would expect that liberty-loving people would seek out the compass of the U.S. Constitution, especially as time wore on and the Judeo-Christian moral and economic models it embraced yielded such phenomenal fruits. Never in the history of mankind has a nation in such a short period of time reached such high levels of universal liberty, prosperity and justice as did the United States of America.

So, where did the monarchs, bishops and elitists who viciously opposed the establishment of liberalism go? They realized that liberalism was toxic to their power and wealth. If the people could read and write, they could argue and disagree. If people could own property and be free to work for whom they choose and gather wealth and power the elite will have to compete with them rather than enslave them. God forbid that they would become the elite’s landlords or employers!

Liberty, and especially the United States of America, was the death-nail in their very existence. As monarchs and noblemen, they would never survive in a land where the populace is free to compete with them on an equal footing.

Are we totally clueless to believe that the aristocracy would just go away and fade into history? Are we, after all, so backward that we believe them when they claim to embrace liberty with us? We ought not to be, lest we fail to detect their plans and scheming to take away the one thing that set us free: liberalism. Not the recent variety but the 17th Century one that spawned the United States of America.

Sadly, liberalism has died a long time ago when it was hollowed out from the inside, brick-by-brick until only the shell remains today. It was hollowed out by the elitists and slave owners of yesteryear. They have never forgotten what liberalism has done to their spiritual forefathers and they are ready to put back into shackles those who dared to practice that which was their right alone.

So, when you hear speak about liberalism today, it is the hollowed-out variety filled with hateful men and women who has nothing but utter contempt and disgust for you because you had the audacity to claim and live as if you were free.

In the pre-liberalism era, the monarchs, bishops and elites were the destroyers of nations while the people were the ones who built and produced; even while chained in the shackles of the aristocracy. If this was not so, then those nations would have excelled in the world of economics and technological endeavor. But these nations were gutted by their kings and bishops who cracked their whips harder on the backs of the producers and builders.

As soon as a nation came along that accepted that there would be no king or bishop ruling them, the people of the United States collectively excelled beyond what even the most creative cleric, soothsayer or scientist could ever have predicted. A superpower in less than 200 years? Impossible!

Let me leave you with this one famous quote:

John Hancock: [reluctantly] God save the King.
Samuel Adams: God damn the King!
Benjamin Franklin: [happily] God bless the King. Who else could've brought such a spirit of unity to the Congress?

Who else, indeed, could’ve brought such a spirit of unity to the people of the United States as this administration has done?

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