Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Fool and the Professor

The time has come where the elite of our society, college professors, are being laughed at and ridiculed. That’s both a blessing and a shame. A blessing because fools ought to be ridiculed when they mislead people from positions of power; A shame because we expect those who specialize in certain fields to be honest brokers of their positions and to pass that honesty on to their students.

By no means are college professors the only class of elite who are generally being tolerated with a snicker and dismissal. Elites of all fur are falling prey to that perception.

I read an Op-Ed in the New York Times1 today by Professor Ray Madoff2 (I don’t know and don’t care if she’s related to the infamous Bernie) about the estate tax reduction that congress enacted in 2001 under President George W. Bush, which would make the total eradication of all estate taxes permanent in 2010. Not doubting that it is any administration’s right to repeal the acts of a previous administration, the premise upon which Professor Madoff argues is false, has always been false, and will remain false regardless how many times ridicule-worthy-elite like Ray Madoff repeats it.

Or should I say that they have never been in touch with reality. Safely ensconced in their ivory towers of tenure they can afford to walk around with blind spots, which they hold over the truth here and there whenever they choose to do so without any threat of accountability.

Wouldn’t I just love to drag her into the Court of Dishonest Opinions and throw her into the dungeons of having-to-work-for-a-living?

Professor Madoff’s premise on estate taxes are pretty much defined by her using words such as “the farmer/heiress riddle” and “move our tax system closer to the values on which the country was founded…” and here is the kicker, she continues, “…that hard work should be rewarded and power should not be conferred by birth.” What?

And she is a Professor teaching trusts and estates, estate and gift tax, estate planning and she cannot get a simple fact about this country straight? Not taxing estates is a “giveaway” to the rich?

The government has no money to “give away,” Professor Madoff. Government takes money from people under threat of penalty and incarceration and then blows it away on others who should be in the dungeons like the rest of us.


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