Monday, November 16, 2009

Storm Clouds

We are, indeed, living in interesting times.

The clouds of trouble are thickening in the sky, nobody can deny that.

Someone who has been around thunderstorms (not the ones spurting up in California) for a while knows that the air would briefly and unexpectedly pluck at one’s clothes like warning scouts going before the king’s arrival. Heat and cold dance around the advancing mass and small twisters scatter ahead like yapping mad-dogs, kicking up dust here and there clearing the field for the oncoming carnage.

Who do we support, who do we trust? Some say go with Change, go with Hope. Some say No, this is self destruction, we will never be the same again.

C.S. Lewis once said, “We all want progress. But, if you are on the wrong road … the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.”

Just as I imagine the people around me to be those who were around when my dad was born 100 years ago this year, to get a perspective on families, old folks, cousins, brothers and sisters, playful teens, and so on, with whom my grandparents lived, so I imagine the people around me to be those who lived before the Second World War. They, too, looked at their political landscape and saw the beginning and rise of the Third Reich and couldn’t always clearly determine which direction to go with the clouds of trouble thickening in their sky.

With the advantage of a retrospective view on history it’s easy to judge those, while sitting in the peace that was brought about by so much carnage and death, who went one way or the other, especially in the beginning.

By the yardstick of history, many went the wrong way and others just didn’t go anywhere believing things will sort themselves out on their own as they usually did. They got caught in the rapids of the forces that were unleashed upon them; forces that were craftily positioned beforehand so that they would rouse the least suspicion as to their real intent. The orchestrators pieced together a strategy in which they alone would be hailed as the emperors having invested the necessary blood-capital to exact the bow and prostration of everybody else.

It would be hard to deny that the pre-Second-World-War era is in the mirror of history especially as to the arrangement and magnitude of the forces aligned against the orchestrators’ adversaries, who are the blood-capital of the future.

In the mirror we see the intent: to invest this blood-capital to elevate One to the level of world-emperor.

In the mirror we see that it failed.

In the mirror we see the sea of blood that it cost.

In the mirror we see one factor that could have prevented the terrible cost: Time.

The Time it took to recognize the plan and restrain the orchestrators. Without the mirror of history we may be excused for not knowing. With the mirror of history, there can be no excuse.

Look around you. See your family and other families’ family. See who of them you would choose to be the blood-capital to elevate One to be the emperor. Emperors almost always come back to the fount for more blood as the desire to conquer and rule becomes easier and more profitable.

More blood-capital will be needed to reverse that and overthrow the emperor. Look around you again for more families.

Time. Use it wisely. Use it soon.

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  1. The political stench from the left bank that has arisen from the rotting political aristocracy in Washington is fair warning in itself if left unchecked and unopposed will lead us on the path to U.S.'A'uschwitz. To anyone with more than just a few brain cells to rub together the danger is obvious except to those like the frog being brought to a slow boil, that will stay in the pot until cooked.

    What the political left is depending upon (and is abbetting) is our self induced feeling of helplessness to stop this madness.

    President Obama (my heart sinks and my throat chokes to even see these two words put next to one another) is the 'sedition-ist in chief' having tickled the ears of this nation's fools with his calculated deceit.

    Those who aren't so easily deceived have a personal arsenal as powerful as the universe itself provided we learn how to use it to its greatest effect; all mighty God.

    The image I have seen over and over from WWII is the soldier on Omaha beach having just taken a German round: dropping on the sand just past the waters edge. We owe him and those like him an apology for what we've allowed to happen in this beloved Country. I cannot sit by and let the political carnage to my countrymen continue without opposition.


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