Friday, June 18, 2010

The Clintons are on the move

After Barack Obama's meteoric rise to power, even before he was elected to the presidency, the general consensus was that Obama dismantled the Clinton Political Machine. And that, was the claim, was indicative of Obama being an effective president: brutal in the protection of the Constitution.

The Clinton Political Machine wasn't something that could be dismantled by anybody, much less in such a short period of time.

When Hillary lost the primaries, the Clinton choices were limited to supporting McCain or Obama. The one was inconceivable, the other was a time to lay low and regroup later. With Obama's credentials, and the Clintons knew a lot more about him than we did, he was bound to make serious mistakes that would set the stage in which the Clintons could begin to move on the presidency.

Hillary announced ahead of the Administration's announcement (and I wouldn't be surprised if it was even before the official decision on the matter was made) that the Department of Justice will file a lawsuit against Arizona because of sb1070, their illegal immigration law.

Whether the Administration decided to go ahead and file the lawsuit or not, it is never the Secretary of State's job to announce such a move, and definately not from foreign soil. It is always either the President or the Attorney General that makes such a substantial announcement. It took the AG a day or more to confirm the Secretary's announcement. This sounds as if the DOJ was caught by surprise and was pushed into going forward with the lawsuit.

Somebody in the Administration must've read the Arizona law by this time and determined that an Administration lawsuit has very little chance of prevailing. So, it's fair to argue that they wanted to prolong the decision as long as possible to hold on to the negative fog that they could generate and sustain. Making the decision too soon throws away valuable political capital especially with the onrushing elections in November. Now, that the decision has been made, the Administration's hand has been forced to bring the suit or face huge embarrassment if they should abandon the idea. At best, they can hope for a continuance that will only bring the case to court after the elections, or have a judge hear it that has similar views on America as they do.

The question is why would Hillary fire too soon and embarrass her boss? It's hardly possible to write her announcement off as ignorant, or, as we have become accustomed, that she misspoke. Why this deliberate move?

That's the question.

I propose that the Clinton Machine is on the move. Even conservatives give Bill Clinton better marks for executive skills than for the President. The general mood for or against the Clintons in the nation, leans heavily in favor of the Clintons, even counting conservatives. My guess is that if a third term for a president was possible, Bill Clinton could take it again in 2012. By law he cannot, but there is another Clinton in the wings.

She gained valuable experience as the Secretary of State and will have an opponent that has almost committed political suicide. Even a moderate president couldn't live up to the hype that was generated about Obama during the election. He was bound to fail unless he could take some classes on walking on water. She must have insider knowledge about him that would make any of us have nightmares while awake.

So, putting the Administration on the spot further embarrasses the President. She needs the President's approval numbers to tank completely and to stack up his failures. I wouldn't be surprised if the President fires her after the November elections. That would be exactly what she wants; it would launch her second bid for the White House.

Once the mid-term elections in November are over, the President's effect would be zero or minimal at best, giving her two years to work the Republicans over.

The fun has just started.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Parallels with Africa

Sometimes I post news and stories from other countries, especially South Africa, mainly because I have a deeper perspective of what's going on there than most Americans and because there is a correlation between what happened, and is happening, in South Africa and what is happening here. Some may retort that Africa has very little that correlates with the United States, but that is a head-in-the-sand response.

When Joe Slovo, one of the architects of South Africa's current communist government, said, when asked at a press conference about the abject failure of communism whenever it is tried, that they have now learned what Karl Marx, Mao Tse Tung, and other communist architects did wrong, rational folks had a hard time believing that he would say such a thing. A South African communist regime will implement communism in a manner that it will succeed avoiding the mistakes of the past, he said.

Needless to say, communism has reduced the life-expectancy from almost 70 years of age to below 50 and caused South Africa to be one of the most violent countries in the world with overall poverty still sky-rocketing. It took them all but 15 years to accomplish that and the numbers are still sliding south.

That was to be expected and those who toy with socialism and communism should expect nothing different as an outcome should such a disastrous transformation take place here.

There is, however, another correlation that one can easily overlook and write off as "an Africa thing." One has to look at the utterances of the South African president last week during a speech at an ANC (African National Congress, the ruling communist party) recruitment campaign. As head of state and head of the ruling party, the 30,000 people attending the campaign expected to hear substantive utterances from their great leader.

He treated them to an admonition not to abandon the ANC, whose popularity has been in decline recently, because, he said, abandoning the ANC would anger the ancestral spirits who will make deserters ill. In the West, one cannot help but giggle at such an outrageous statement, especially if it comes from the head of a state intended to be a serious admonition.

Seen in the context in which President Jacob Zuma made this statement to his followers, it is, on the one hand, a desperate attempt of a failing doctrine to stop the abandonment of the communist regime. On the other hand, it is a very well orchestrated play on his followers' deep-rooted fear of avenging, angry ancestral spirits.

Let's go back a bit into the history of their ancestors. This is only one account of many similar deceptions that took place in their history.

In the early part of 1856, a teenage girl named Nongqawuse went to fetch water in a river nearby where she lived. She returned claiming to have met with the spirits of her ancestors. She claimed that the ancestors told her that her people should destroy their crops and kill all their cattle, the only source of the nation's well-being. Two fears haunted her people at the time that made them believe in the veracity of the prophecy; more than they might otherwise have done.

Many of their cattle were dying because of a type of lung disease that raged at the time putting their continued sustenance and wealth in jeopardy; and the British were a threatening presence in their land.

Nongqawuse said further that the spirits also told her as soon as the killing and destruction was complete and obeyed by all, the ancestral spirits would rise up and kill the British invaders, replenish their granaries and give them abundant, healthier cattle than they had before. The chief, Sarhili, ordered his nation to obey the prophecy, not only fearing the wrath of the ancestors if they should disobey, but desiring the abundant reward if they should obey.

Nongqawuse dated the fulfillment of the prophecy as February 18, 1857 and such specificity gave the prophecy further apparent legitimacy, which struck further fear and urgency into the hearts of the people. Historians estimated that they killed almost 500,000 head of cattle in the carnage that followed.

The prophecy predicted that the sun would rise on that February morning and then turn red as a token of its fulfillment but on that summer day the sun remained bright and hot as it did on any other day.

It is estimated that about 80,000 people died of starvation in the aftermath of this catastrophe with evidence of cannibalism and other atrocities. Nongqawuse was jailed for a while and died of natural causes in 1898.

A tragic event, indeed, but how does this correlate with the United States in current times?

Principally, in the prophecies of a socialist utopia that is promised if only we would kill our so-called diseased wealth: capitalism and individual liberty. Where Nongqawuse's prophecy played on the Africans' irrational fear of angering their ancestral spirits, we are played to have a similar irrational fear of angering liberals and Muslims and be labeled racists, equating our faith in God and the U.S. Constitution with intolerance and even fascism.

Where the Africans were so convinced that their diseased cattle herds will be replaced with plentiful healthy cattle for everybody that they actually went into action destroying their herds, so we are also asked to be convinced that, first, our founding principles are our diseases, and second that the "spirits" of communism will reward us with untold liberty and wealth for all.

The call to believe the false prophets further became apparent when our elected officials said they voted on bills that they didn't read nor understand, and our Speaker said that we should first vote for a bill to find out what is in it. Or, we should first act and then find out later what we have done. Or, first kill your diseased wealth and only then can you be sure of true wealth later.

How is that different from Nongqawuse's prophecy?

How will the outcome be different?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

You cannot cure stupidity

I read the following article on an African news service, produced by SAPA, a local press association, much like Reuters.

Johannesburg - The Hawks arrested four people implicated in a 419 scam at the weekend after they allegedly held a US woman hostage for nearly a month, an official said on Monday.
"Police believe the four lured the US citizen with a promise that she had won $1.06m (R8m)," Hawks spokesperson Musa Zondi said.
The gang started scamming her last year and fleeced $60 000 from her between April and July.
"After July, the communication went cold until they approached her again in April this year."
She was told to come to South Africa in person to claim her prize and bring $2 000.

Taken hostage
"She duly came and on arrival on April 15 they took her hostage from the airport and kept her in a house Albertsdal, Alberton for well over a month. She was fed once a day while in captivity."
The woman managed to free herself on May 22 after breaking the window of the room where she was kept hostage.
She sought help from the neighbours who contacted the police.
"Intensive investigations were conducted by the Johannesburg Hawks unit working alongside crime intelligence colleagues," said Zondi.
The four people - three Nigerians and a South African woman - were arrested on Saturday.
They were due to appear in the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court on Monday.
The US woman has since returned home.

My first reaction was that it serves her right for being so blatantly stupid and greedy as to believe that the 419-scam is true. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this scam, its name refers to the article of the Nigerian Criminal Code (part of Chapter 38: "Obtaining Property by false pretences; Cheating") dealing with fraud.

Googling "419 scam" produces about 317,000 references. Ample information is available to tell anyone that it's a scam and you are sure to lose your money, if you are lucky. Some lost their lives, as this lady nearly did.

I know of a lady who got strung up for about $5,000 before she realized that it's going nowhere. She even prayed for a successful outcome of her "business" dealings all while the language of the teaser email openly declared that the money the scammers promised her was gotten by illegal means, if there was any money in the first place, of course. They promise stolen money. Yet, the desire to obtain a lot of money for no effort still blinded her to the reality of the deal and they almost took her to the cleaners. By the time her husband figured out what was going on, he was livid, as one might expect. They patched things up but she lost her access to their bank account, which is getting off very lightly, I'd say.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this scam, remember, you are their ideal target. If you want to send money to a Barrister, or a prince, or an orphaned child whose father left her $10 million dollars in a country where such a sum would certainly crash the entire economy, be my guest. But, getting on a plane and flying half-way across the globe to an African country with $2,000 in hand to boot, deserves to have you removed from the gene pool.

These scammers remain active because there are enough people who still send them millions of dollars every year, and those who fly there with more cash in hand either disappear or are held hostage for even larger ransoms.

Unless you learn what is realistic and what an attempt to pick your pocket is, you deserve to have your pockets and bank accounts emptied.

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