Friday, June 18, 2010

The Clintons are on the move

After Barack Obama's meteoric rise to power, even before he was elected to the presidency, the general consensus was that Obama dismantled the Clinton Political Machine. And that, was the claim, was indicative of Obama being an effective president: brutal in the protection of the Constitution.

The Clinton Political Machine wasn't something that could be dismantled by anybody, much less in such a short period of time.

When Hillary lost the primaries, the Clinton choices were limited to supporting McCain or Obama. The one was inconceivable, the other was a time to lay low and regroup later. With Obama's credentials, and the Clintons knew a lot more about him than we did, he was bound to make serious mistakes that would set the stage in which the Clintons could begin to move on the presidency.

Hillary announced ahead of the Administration's announcement (and I wouldn't be surprised if it was even before the official decision on the matter was made) that the Department of Justice will file a lawsuit against Arizona because of sb1070, their illegal immigration law.

Whether the Administration decided to go ahead and file the lawsuit or not, it is never the Secretary of State's job to announce such a move, and definately not from foreign soil. It is always either the President or the Attorney General that makes such a substantial announcement. It took the AG a day or more to confirm the Secretary's announcement. This sounds as if the DOJ was caught by surprise and was pushed into going forward with the lawsuit.

Somebody in the Administration must've read the Arizona law by this time and determined that an Administration lawsuit has very little chance of prevailing. So, it's fair to argue that they wanted to prolong the decision as long as possible to hold on to the negative fog that they could generate and sustain. Making the decision too soon throws away valuable political capital especially with the onrushing elections in November. Now, that the decision has been made, the Administration's hand has been forced to bring the suit or face huge embarrassment if they should abandon the idea. At best, they can hope for a continuance that will only bring the case to court after the elections, or have a judge hear it that has similar views on America as they do.

The question is why would Hillary fire too soon and embarrass her boss? It's hardly possible to write her announcement off as ignorant, or, as we have become accustomed, that she misspoke. Why this deliberate move?

That's the question.

I propose that the Clinton Machine is on the move. Even conservatives give Bill Clinton better marks for executive skills than for the President. The general mood for or against the Clintons in the nation, leans heavily in favor of the Clintons, even counting conservatives. My guess is that if a third term for a president was possible, Bill Clinton could take it again in 2012. By law he cannot, but there is another Clinton in the wings.

She gained valuable experience as the Secretary of State and will have an opponent that has almost committed political suicide. Even a moderate president couldn't live up to the hype that was generated about Obama during the election. He was bound to fail unless he could take some classes on walking on water. She must have insider knowledge about him that would make any of us have nightmares while awake.

So, putting the Administration on the spot further embarrasses the President. She needs the President's approval numbers to tank completely and to stack up his failures. I wouldn't be surprised if the President fires her after the November elections. That would be exactly what she wants; it would launch her second bid for the White House.

Once the mid-term elections in November are over, the President's effect would be zero or minimal at best, giving her two years to work the Republicans over.

The fun has just started.


  1. Nico: When she made the announcement about the lawsuit, I knew Bill had engineered it. As much as I dislike Bill Clinton, I believe he is a master at politics & they are about to give Obama a course in "politics 101". You are correctin that OBama will fire her right after the November elections. That will also be a major mistake on his part. An excellent piece. Morris Kernick

  2. Thank you Morris.
    She will provoke the President until he has no choice but to fire her. It is imperative for her campaign.
    My biggest concern is where the Republicans will be positioned at that time. I believe they are utterly unprepared for their characterization as the "revolutionaries" by the Clintons. Hillary will position herself as the peacemaker, between Obama's leftist radicalism and the Hillary-image of the Republicans as radicals-on-the-right.

    As things stand right now, and 2012 is a very long way off still, the White House might yet be occupied by another Clinton. She will introduce a more moderate take-over of the economy and the people will sigh with relief and give it to her; as long as it is not Obama. It is the identical dynamic that we had with Bush vs. Obama: anyone as long as it is not the incumbent.

    We, the conservatives, not necessarily the Republicans because conservatives have been scattered all over the spectrum, must remain true to our values and propagate those values to the people, en mass.


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