Saturday, January 1, 2011

The New Year 2011

I thought I'd write a blog about 2010 and reminisce about the things that happened. It was not a good year for me financially; on the other hand it was an excellent year for so many other things.

I remember the turn in my business' economy when assignments started to flow again into my order book. The struggle to find business changed my perspective a little bit, too, giving that extra bit for a client. I guess that I would work harder and smarter and more courteous as a matter of habit now until I can hear and see the wow-factor. It should be an 'are you even real' type of response. That's when I've done my job.

Instead of earning a paycheck, I go to earn admiration, respect, and trust and then, once that has been accomplished, I earn my paycheck. Admiration because I am doing more than what was expected of me; respect because I am courteous, firm and make sure what I say is true and well thought out; trust because I am punctual and deliver on time and within budget. OK, that's what I strive for and so far my clients like that.

Last year also had a few high spots, such as my mom's 92nd birthday when we believed we won't see her again when we went to South Africa in 2008 to celebrate her 90th birthday. There was the election in November, which showed the people of the world that the people of this country don't take well to aristocracy and being told what to do by pseudo-noblemen. Especially not after they built this country into one of the wonders of the world in less than 200 years, or even 100 years if one considers where she was at the end of the 19th Century.

We left South Africa because I refused to live under a communist regime, which we knew was coming from far off already. A communist regime only restrained by a U.S. type constitution is still a communist regime and it will find ways to enslave its people and enrich its leaders, as is happening in South Africa now.

Having pulled up roots (at great cost and sacrifice to my family) from this Petri Dish of political change to seek out a place where the people, in the first and last instance, decide their fate, not politicians and not judges, I am rather sensitive to certain trends and what they lead to; trends to which Americans are mostly immune and prone to tolerate for far too long.

When people in power lead people in directions where they, without a doubt, are going to lose their liberty, prosperity and the peace of the nation, with words that falsely preach liberty, prosperity and the peace of the nation, my angst-level goes up exponentially. Trying the same thing that elsewhere led to communism doesn't mean the outcome here will be different. Perhaps more bloody, but not different, as I am sure some folks won't just roll over and play along when the liberties-list becomes shorter and shorter.

So, don't be confused about my angst over the trend of the politics in the U.S. that the people allowed to persist for so long. There is no other country where the people feature so prominently in their affairs and can bring about change even at the highest levels of government. This is the last bastion of peace, prosperity and liberty. There is empirical evidence of that. That personal liberty leads to peace and prosperity is axiomatic.

That is why the elections in November were such a great victory for the people. But, like any place where there is a lot of power, money, and opportunity, there is certainly plenty of opportunity for the drunken stupor of victory to allow impurities to cloud the principles of good governance. The confusion that is evident among those who wish to enslave our people is temporary. They will regroup and again prey on the people, like they always do.

There is a saying in sport, "dance with the one who brung you." That means, don't abandon the winning tactics that brought you to where you are just because you can see the end zone. We will only keep our leaders pure if we constantly hold them in the furnace of affliction. As soon as they are out of the fire they cool down and become cold and hardened.

The New Year holds a lot of opportunity as every new day does, we all know that, but I am suckered every year by the euphoria of the reminiscences of the past year contrasted with the celebrations and expectations of the new, which then turns out to be just another day.

Bummer, huh?

Have a great 2011 all of you. We have no idea what it holds for us unless we seize the day. Carpe Diem.

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  1. Very well stated. We can learn a lot from someone who has seen a communist regime up close and how much damage it can do. America- Wake Up and see what our government is trying to do to us!


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