Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cross Roads

In my (not always) humble opinion, the budget deal this week was such a disappointment that I didn't want to write unless I had a chance to let it settle in and see if others share my perception. Perhaps, or hopefully, I was mistaken and there was something after all that Speaker Boehner and his boys were aiming at that I missed. Alas, we were given the mushroom treatment, you know, where they keep you in the dark and feed you manure.

Where in anyone's logic is a promise to cut $100 billion successful by cutting only two thirds? The promise was not pro rata, it was $100 billion. That was the benchmark, no negotiation, no plea deal, no compromise, nothing - one hundred billion dollars! Missing that means failure.

Sixty-one billion dollars on a deficit of $3.4 trillion is like going to the financial institution where you overdrew your checking account by $3,400 and you offer $61 to increase your limit. You cannot be serious.

The only institution that holds the purse-strings is the House. That's 100% accountability. I recently heard Speaker Boehner say that one cannot impose one's will on others and one has to take what one can get. I wanted to yell so loud that they would have heard me in Washington D.C. all the way from California

What is there in the word "majority" that is so hard to understand? Where is the higher power, which trumps the House's clear mandate that we are only able to "take what he can get?" "Can get," like crumbs falling from the table, Mr. Speaker?

You have been given the authority to TAKE THAT WHICH BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE WHO SENT YOU THERE. You don't have to negotiate at all if you didn't want to, like the Democrats did with you. Let the Senate vote on and the president veto these bills if they are truly so convinced they are wrong. What's with the inferiority complex?

Mr. Boehner's stated position has been in line with the promises made to the American people, right up to the announcement of the deal, which is why it was such a disappointment.

His announcement that he will not allow the government to shut down under any circumstance gave the Democrats advance warning about the four corners of the Republican strategy. It gave the Democrats free reign to threaten that which they were not willing to risk. That was a fatal battlefield failure.

(See his interview with George Stephanopoulos here where George sets him up to declare that there won't be a shutdown)

Why is it so difficult to understand that the Democrats planned this show-down for more than two years and knew beforehand they will out-maneuver the Republicans?

Why wasn't it clear that we were being played for fools when the president gave the Speaker cold shoulders after numerous requests to work together on the budget? If the administration wasn't playing us for fools, then why did they show such contempt for the American people by not even proposing a budget?

Haven't we begin to suspect that the Democrats are laughing their butts off at the Republicans' total naiveté?

Have we not yet caught on that the Democrats cheat, connive, and lie while increasing the people's pain rack with two or three clicks of the ratchet and when Republicans do get into power, they "negotiate" only one click back? And when they run things again, they use the exact same narrative to latch on two or three more clicks to the pain rack. So it goes decade in and decade out, steadily advancing their anti-American agenda with a hiccup here and a hiccup there when the Republicans obtain power.

A few years ago I thanked Rush Limbaugh for almost single-handedly preventing a second civil war with his unrelenting education of the people. Even Rush said that he didn't think I should go that far, but I still believe that is a true statement. I hope that everybody can now see where this is heading.

The ballot box is truly the last barrier between us and anarchy. I predict that the voters will demand your head, Mr. Speaker and remove all those who vote for this thing that's touted as a deal.

I want to share with you an incident that happened almost 50 years ago when I was in junior high. A class mate challenged me to a fist fight behind the sports ground buildings during break. He had one condition, however, that I wouldn't hit him in the face. I agreed. He soon pounded me in the face at will while I tried to get the better of him by hitting at his body. I was clearly losing the fight when a bystander yelled at me, "hit him in the face!" I yelled back, "I promised I won't". My benefactor in the crowd yelled once more, "you can easily win this don't be an idiot, man." One punch to his face knocked him down. He wasn't defending his face relying on my honor to keep my word.

Honor must be given to whom honor is due. The side that steadfastly holds to honor while freely allowing the counterparty to abuse that honor, will lose every time.

Mediocrity is not an option any longer. We need warriors in Congress who will not dishonor their calling by aiming at anything other than victory.

The pain rack has started to pull the people's limbs apart; we need representatives who are serious about taking the ratchet all the way back to Libertyville, without fail, and undo the shackles that bind the people.

Even if it means hitting them in the face.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Things that burn

Well, well, I finally got to peck at the keyboard as writers of the past got to pick up their pens.

Many things have happened these past couple of months. The most prominent is the passing of my mother at age 92 and some change, perhaps the most influential person in my entire life. Yeah, yeah, my dad was also influential, but he was more the un-emotional one in the family, a trait we learned from him that held us separated from our emotions for many years.

This is not intended to be a tribute to my mother; those have all been given at places, times and in manners that every member of her family thought most appropriate. However, my mother was one of three disciples of God that changed my life for ever. The second was my wife's father, Joseph Aucamp, and the third is Mark Mueller in California.

There was only one manner in which any admonition or mentor-guidance could ever have penetrated my rebellious nature and these disciples knew that way. Although they never collaborated; my mother hardly ever spoke to my father-in-law because of the vast distance they lived apart; and the first two disciples never even knew the third disciple existed, their manner of bringing peace and calm to my life was identical. It is as eerie as it gets, you can imagine, that the Third Disciple could pick up where my father-in-law and my mother had left off, almost as if they were members of an orchestra with the Conductor leading them off the same sheet of music. I stand in awe.

My arrogance and irritable disposition towards irrational people hasn't disappeared, however, but like fire, it became less destructive as I learned how to control it. I am looking forward to the next 65 years to see if I can get to use it productively.

The mistakes that lay strewn in my past with the accompanying wrecks along the road haunt me, as they should. This haunt is not the terrifying kind, it rather turned into an early warning system for the same bends in the road that lie ahead. Not that I learn easily, don't misunderstand what I am saying here. There are many wrecks that are identical to ones before them and one would be justified in yelling at me, "What were you thinking!"

But, irrational people still seem to work me over and tug at the mooring lines that keep my fire in check. I need to find a furnace in which I can burn at my heart's content. Burn those who think that we are the cause of global warming, just as an example. Have you seen the tsunami footage in Japan? Aren't we as humans totally insignificant when the ocean rises by only a couple of feet? The sucker is over 30,000 feet deep in places and a few feet struck terror in all of mankind all over the planet? We couldn't even run away fast enough!

You believe you can change the climate of the globe by demonizing the natural and inherently necessary components of its composition. And when a perfectly natural phenomenon occurs, you are washed away in mere moments, like gnats, as if nature just breathed a moment longer to show you your absolute insignificance.

I am worked over when people think that the evolution of inferior elements could result in something superior to the originals. It's none of my business what people believe, including aliens and flat-earth theories, but when they behave as if they have the power to exclude what I believe from the public discourse, I burn.

I am worked over when people tell me that social security has a surplus when we all know that there is no real money in the trust fund. All that one can find in the social security fund are Federal Treasury Bonds. That's as solid as gold, I hear folks say, and I burn, because who are the folks that guarantee these Bonds? The taxpayers, that's who. It's the taxpayers whose hard cash was taken from them in the first place and instead of their cash kept in trust, it was removed from the fund and replaced by IOU's that the taxpayers guarantee. I burn twice.

If you are not on fire about this theft of our liberty and prosperity, you will be burned and swept away like those poor folks in Japan. We already had the earthquake; the tsunami is on its way.

Think or thwim.

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