Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Speed of Time

Time flies so fast nowadays that it's hard to believe that it's Friday, Monday or one's birthday, depending on where and how one tracks time.

Someone proposed a theory that the passage of time is experienced as a percentage of one's age. So, the theory claims, a one-year old would experience a year as 100% of his own age taking a life-time to experience, while a fifty-year old would experience the same year as one-fiftieth of the time.

I guess that's why time not only goes by a lot faster these days but it creeps up on one faster, too. I still think that I have a lot of time before this or that needs to be done and before I realize it, the event is upon me.

I cannot help but wonder about next year's election. That's the U.S. presidential election, of course. In recognition of the effect of time, it's just around the corner and not "next year" if you know what I mean.

So much is being done by opposing parties and institutions that a reference to war is not inappropriate. It's as if military hardware is assembled according to the battle that is imminent. And not only do we see battle maneuvers, there are also covert operations, stings, and espionage. If it were not that serious, it could be fascinating to watch. Unfortunately, it's deadly serious and we all better make sure we fall in for service on the right side of issues and history.

A good friend of mine compiled a spreadsheet with positives and negatives about president Obama and senator McCain back in 2008 and according to his list Barack was ahead of John by a healthy margin. I don't know how my friend voted -- it is not important now -- but it would be interesting to see an update on campaign promises that the winner made back then and how the race would compute today.

It has always baffled me that politicians openly proclaim that one has to campaign from the right or center and then govern from the left. What kind of trickery is that? Shouldn't it be stated for what it is: Lie to the voters when you seek their votes and screw them when you are in office; and then lie to them again when they complain so you can screw them for another term?

Unscrupulous politicians have been doing that since Pontius was a pupil pilot, but to have the entire cabal of elected officials practice that as stated (and slavishly accepted) policy is incomprehensible. What a bunch of fools we must be!

So, the candidates with lies that best soothe the ears of the public get into office from where they use our money to bribe us so they can remain in office.

There are, however, rumblings like thunder in the distance that appear to sound the end of this trickery. Accountability to honor above all their oaths of office is not going to be easily separated from the lies to which we have grown accustomed.

The people must enforce that accountability, and not the courts, for example, because there should never be one person, or one office, that could bind the people into debt or to foreign values. The people, who are expected to bear the burden of a political or financial decision, should be the final arbiters of whether things are right or wrong.

That's us.

We pay the bills, send our kids to die, and are fired, after all. We will decide what we are paying for; for what cause we will have our kids go into battle; and for what reason we are to be fired. Period.

Time goes by too fast for us to linger any longer getting our house in order. By the time today's children's time starts picking up speed, they must, at the very least, have a fighting chance to pursue happiness in safety and liberty and deal with matters that they brought upon themselves.

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