Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Supreme Court and the Road to Tyranny

One is never too old to learn, I suppose.

There are only two gate-keepers that should protect the people against tyranny: the ballot box and the courts. If the one fails, one should be able to rely on the other to apply the remedies that will return the country to health.

It is already evident that forces, who claim to be patriots but act like Trojan-Horse militia, are doing their level best to invalidate the ballot box. We constantly hear of Democrats who oppose proper identification of voters at the voting booths degrading the integrity of the outcome; recent public utterings of senior Democrat officials suggesting the suspension of elections; and the criminal position of the Speaker of the House of the previous Congress that delegates should vote for the Obama Health Care Bill to find out what's in it.

It is not a stretch of the imagination to expect this kind of behavior from people who have demonstrated empirically that they want to break down the very principles that brought this country to world leader status and being the most benevolent country towards its citizens and others in the world.

What was unexpected, to me at least, is that the U.S. Supreme Court, reportedly, allows their opinions to be influenced by public opinion and election results.

Do we even comprehend the magnitude of the cracks in our defenses against tyranny if this is indeed the case? The ballot box is already under mortal assault.

The two instances that have fiduciary custody of the public's trust, elected officials and the media, have already demonstrated that they are wholly incapable of executing their offices with even the remotest reference to integrity. It is rather a wild orgy of political incest, embezzlement, and moral destruction, all to serve the one god they all worship with daily devotion and sacrifice.

Their self.

The one body perceived to be that bastion of defense against tyranny is the Supreme Court. Although that august body is millennia removed from the ordinary citizen who bears the moral, financial, and loss-of-liberty brunt of the obscene, public ingratiation of politicians, it is almost impossible for the people to contemplate defiance of the Supreme Court's rulings. It spoke, it must be obeyed, is rather the order of the day.

Now, however, we learn that the Supreme Court allows public opinion to influence its rulings. If that doesn’t stun any rational citizen, nothing will. Public opinion is crafted by the very people who architect the destruction of the Constitution, who demonize the very fiber of this country's prosperity, fraudulently calling on the people's compassion, and covering their real objectives, which is either full-blown Marxism or a Monarchy.

If the Supreme Court would introduce in their consideration of cases the public's opinion, as reported by the charlatan media, or election results, its rulings would be suspicious and appear to be subject to the course set by the custodians; while it is the custodians who were supposed to be subjective to the rulings of the court. The court subjected itself, it appears, to a vague, biased, manipulative and very fickle source of information, using that as standards in the highest court of the country.

The Federalists, during the founding of this country, were avowed monarchists, who would have wanted nothing more than to have established a monarchy to oppose King George of England. They are still among us having just changed their spots to revenge a centuries old defeat.

George Washington were, reportedly, offered either a President-for-Life office or that of King of America. He refused both. That is the caliber of judgment that is required at all levels of government, especially in the courts. Most especially the Supreme Court. It appears to be a vain expectation.

The time has come for the people to take back the custody of their trust. Politicians may well be elected to run the affairs of the people within the four corners of a Republic to avoid mob-rule, but the accountability of their actions should rest with the people directly.

Why do the electorate continue to vote for these wreckers of the American society?
It is called the Stockholm Syndrome.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Picking a Presidential Candidate

Should the Presidential Candidate Be Picked Now?

I couldn’t help shuddering when I heard a caller to Rush Limbaugh’s radio show today say that it is Rush’s duty to pick a candidate and promote him/her over the nomination finish line. It is his duty, according to the caller, because Rush is such an influential member of the media having 20 million listeners per week that take his advice seriously.

Typically, Rush declined the call to “duty,” as the caller labeled it, because he doesn’t believe that cheerleaders can push a political candidate over the finish line. It all depends on the candidate and an endorsement without control over what the candidate can do or say, is foolishness.


There is another reason, too. It is called individual liberty. Appointing or pushing Rush, or any other media maestro, to act like a Moses to lead us out of this quagmire, is to abandon individual liberty and embrace group liberty, which always leads to tyranny.

Even if we could find a benevolent dictator who will truly lead us to prosperity and liberty, after he or she is gone, who will take over and not become a tyrant? There are no guarantees; at least not on par with the guarantees inherent in individual liberty. So, Rush, trust your gut-feel and don’t back a candidate before the primary. After a candidate has been appointed, it becomes a free for all.

There is a deeper, more dire consequence if we should be lulled into the guidance of a Moses-figure now. It is the furnace of affliction that the American people, and all people of the world for that matter, are in right now. We have to pass through this furnace to be purified of the rot embedded within us, which is socialism and liberalism. A Moses-type leader might just pull us out of this burning fire before we have been rid of the rot; before the temperature has been reached that will remove the impurities from among us. A goldsmith will confirm that nothing but the proper temperature will clear gold of impurities.

That is why the people alone must decide who their candidates are. If they choose wrong again, the misery index of this country will reflect destruction and misery challenging that of the Civil War.

Nowhere in the world, ever, has a communist/socialist regime relinquish power without mass-violence, -torture and -murder. This administration is showing serious, visible signs of an unwillingness to give up power under any circumstances, regardless of the cost, lost, and rot.

The road they are currently on is the same path that previous despots walked before they suspended elections and their constitutions (Democrats already voiced those precise sentiments, so pay attention) and claim dictatorial power. The administration's reckless rush to socialism without regard for future electoral repercussions, is an alarming confirmation that they are indeed on this road.

The problem is that the American people will not stand for that. But when the ballot box has been rendered useless, what will it cost to fix this? Is this what would be required to rid us of this Democrat Party?

Of these manipulators that care none, build less, and destroy more, so that they may bask under a sun painted in the blood of others, it can well be expected. They are already saying such things shamelessly in public. Nobody has any excuse to pick the right candidate.

No, Rush, trust your gut-feel. Don’t pick a candidate on your own. You are exactly right, it is the people who must decide and it is the people who must live with the consequences.

It is the people who must be edified or afflicted by their choices. One individual person at a time.

May God help us all.

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