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Rush Limbaugh and the Fluke

It is a pity, I must admit.

Not that Rush made the comment about Ms. Fluke that he did. It was an unfortunate choice of words and perhaps he could have phrased it differently, he admitted.
The pity, or perhaps I should re-categorize that as a tragedy, is that Rush set off one of the hair-triggered booby traps the liberals set for him. It was one of a legion of similar traps that would have taken uncanny, supernatural senses to navigate safely.

Let's take the reasoning through it's logical order. Ms. Fluke admits that she has so much sex that she cannot afford her contraceptives. That's a quote.

Conclude from that that she engages in sex very often.

Ms. Fluke introduces into the fray that the costs of contraceptives are about $3,000 for a law student. If a law student stays at Georgetown University for three years, that amounts to $1,000 per year for contraceptives. Given the going rate for condoms and birth control pills, one can calculate the amount of sex she has to have: about three times per day, seven days a week, 52 weeks per year. If she misses one day then she has to have additional intercourse some other day for the numbers to add up.

Conclude from that that Ms. Fluke doesn't have one sexual partner, because no single male individual can maintain that strenuous a sexual program for a month, let alone for three years.

Let's assume that a young, virile, hot-blooded stud of student could start with a three-times-a-day sex program for a week, but after that he would have to cut down, and after a month, if the stud can rise to the occasion more than three times a week, it would be a medical case-study, drug-induced stamina excluded.

Conclude from that that Ms. Fluke had to rotate new blood into her extracurricular activity every three weeks, giving her stunned partners some time to recover, which means that she had to have nine male students rotate to enjoy their off-study time with her. If one stud backs out for reasons known only to him, a tenth partner would have to join her company, and another no-show would mean an eleventh and so on. Otherwise the numbers won't add up.

Conclude from that that Ms. Fluke is sexually promiscuous. Or, a slut. (Consult the dictionary and then common sense.)

Unless Ms Fluke lied about the whole thing and she becomes a shameless liar. But the House Minority Leader, Ms. Nancy Pelosi, has most certainly had her people fact-check the story, otherwise, it would mean that Ms. Pelosi was seriously derelict in her duties to protect the dignity of the House; so it appears almost impossible that Ms. Fluke had lied about her numbers. Hence, by her own admission, and the endorsement of the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives of the United States of America, Ms. Fluke is a slut.

Now, what about Rush's conclusion that Ms. Fluke is a prostitute.

To unpack that conclusion, we have to see the stated light in which Rush drew that conclusion. This whole created "debacle" about contraception is most absurd, based on the simple common sense that why should others' money be confiscated to provide for anyone's sexual desires?

There is no logical reason for that, unless it has never been intended to be the reason.

Unless it has always been the reason to trip up conservatives who would protest such diabolical fraud on the people.

Unless it is to shame protestors against this theft of our liberties into submission, which would allow unopposed passage of another entitlement bill, which would enslave millions more people onto the torture racks of the Democratic Party.

The definition of a prostitute is twofold: "to offer indiscriminately for sexual intercourse, especially for money" and "to devote to corrupt unworthy purposes, or debase one's talents."

The "prostitute" label was an unfortunate and inaccurate labeling of Ms. Fluke, except if Rush had intended for it to fit the latter definition, which he didn't. However, then we all would have to accuse all the politicians in Washington of being prostitutes. Apologizing for that was appropriate.

The payer for Ms. Flake's sexual promiscuity wasn't the person enjoying Ms. Fluke, which disqualifies her as a prostitute; the payer is the poor sod being robbed at gunpoint at the tax collector, so that Ms. Fluke may pick who she entertains and who not.That's the absurdity of this entire charade by the Democrat Party.

So, the absurdity is that this bill, if it should pass, which is now so radioactive nobody would dare protest it, would allow the Secretary of Health and Human Services to proverbially have dominion over every woman's body and demand her obedience to the Secretary's every whim -- without any limits whatsoever.

Ms. Flake is just a useful idiot, in the Communists' vernacular, serving the cause of the greater company of pathogens of our society. We should really feel sorry for her.

This entire charade is evidence that America is suffering from Autoimmune disease. The American immune system is mistaking some parts of the body-America as pathogens and attacks its own cells. In our case, the instigator of these attacks are the pathogens, deliberately miscuing healthy tissue as pathogenic.

On the other hand, pathogens are healthy tissue, too, in their own right; they are just lethal to the host, as we have already seen.


  1. releasee this comment or don't, but do educate yourself about that which you intend to pontificate..Fluke congressional testimony.

    Find an admission that she has so much sex she can't afford birth Control. Quotes in an article have the actual statements as well as the source referenced.

    Finally, attend a 10th grade health class as well, birth control hormonal dosage regimens are neither increased nor decreased due to sexual frequency. No one is talking about condoms here except you and Rush Limbaugh. His monologues on Fluke were all a perverted little boy fantasy, Grow up.

  2. This entire debacle is not about birth control, which is the essence of Rush's demonstration of the absurdity that is perpetrated by the Democrat Party. Ms. Fluke has abundant access to birth control and it is a boldfaced lie that anybody has ever tried to prevent women from having access to birth control. You should know that. You, like the media conveniently choose to ignore that fact.

    The issue is that we should not be forced to pay for her pleasures. Calling her a slut was an accurate assessment as I have proved. Calling her a prostitute was inaccurate and worthy of an apology.

    I am not the one who needs a 10th grade health class because my knowledge of birth control's effect on the human body vs. sexual frequency is utterly irrelevant.

    It's none of my business what Ms. Fluke does in her life. Neither is it yours or the Democratic Party's business. But, Ms. Fluke chose to parade her sexual promiscuity in front of the entire world, demanding the we pay for her preferences. That's the issue that you and all the betrayers of women's rights will have to deal with when the Democratic Party has taken hold of women's bodies, demanding to regulate their behavior in every manner.

    I guess by that time you would find a reason to defend that, too.

    I am not going to ask you to grow up, like you so easily throw at me. However, you need to stand back from your ignorant prejudices and see the truth for what it is.

    The Democrat Party is on a mission to control all the people of America's lives and going through the health care channel is the most potent and secure manner in which to accomplish it. Rush's fight is to prevent them from doing just that. Ms. Fluke was recruited by a ruthless political machine to act as a useful idiot in their pursuit.


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