Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obamacare and the Supreme Court

Listening to all the talking heads about the Court's landmark decision today, I stepped back a bit and thought about the swing-vote that was cast by Chief Justice Roberts.

Let me be clear, the Court's decision will have huge complications for generations to come, both good and bad.

Some believe that Judge Roberts was taken to the woodshed, so to speak, or he became a "creature of the Washington establishment." I have a hard time believing that Judge Roberts would be bent from the position he held all his life to the one to which he has shifted today, apparently.

Judge Roberts knows that Obama is fatally toxic to the constitution having visibly dismantled the virtues of this country, sprinting to the finish line in the race that Democrats have been engaged in all their lives: socialism in the U.S.

So, why did Judge Roberts choose to uphold Obamacare, in my opinion? Had he voted to strike the bill, as he would have wanted, I believe, the reelection probabilities of president Obama would have been substantially increased, because he would have campaigned that he gave the Americans healthcare and "four white, rich guys and an uncle Tom" took it away.

Judge Roberts had to navigate the Supreme Court out of the political arena to prevent the reelection of president Obama, which would not only destroy America, but also the Constitution and the Supreme Court. It is estimated that three Supreme Court justices would retire next year and if president Obama is in office the Court will be changed forever, to the peril of the country.

By upholding the bill, but reclassifying the funding method as a tax, the Court shredded Obama's campaign and his presidency. He has to defend raising taxes on the people whom he promised to protect and the deceit and fraud of the Democrats will now percolate to the surface. Remember Nancy Pelosi's advice that members of Congress have to "vote for the bill to find out what's in it"? Not only is that an egregious violation of her oath of office to protect and defend the constitution, but the scope of her fraud is now clear and has been confirmed by the Supreme Court.

The key to the line of thinking that the Chief Justice had no option and that this was a very smart strategic move, is the message which he entered into his opinion: It is not his job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.

The people have till November to vote right and remove this overt assault on the Constitution and our way of life, is what I read in that hint.

The Supreme Court, in this split-decision, gave the people of America a wake-up call to vote and vote for candidates that will uphold the Constitution. It is also a reprimand for the people that elections have consequences and they cannot vote irresponsibly and then expect the court to bail them out. Basically, don't you guys screw up again. It is also a mandate to punish, severely, those snake-oil salesmen who failed to properly vet the candidates, honestly informing the voting public about their choices.

We can all hope that the people would care more about their liberties than politicians do.

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  1. Quite an astounding "thinking outside the box" concept! This is far too thought provoking to avoid and merits the focused attention and conscience of every vote-privileged American citizen.


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